Request CMIP5 data sets

You can use the form below to ask for the addition of a CMIP5 data set to the CMIP Analysis Platform if you have an active project or an approved allocation request.

Before you submit a request, check here to see if the data set you need is already available: CMIP5 data sets on GLADE.

If the data set is not there and you meet the criteria described on the this CMIP page, use the form below to submit your request.

Fulfilling a small request takes about two weeks. Large requests – those that involve several models and/or high data frequency, for example – take longer.

NCAR staff: The CMIP Analysis Platform data sets are available for your analyses without any action on your part. If you would like to ask for a data set to be added to the repository, contact the NCAR Research Computing help desk to request access to the platform before completing the request form.

Submit a request

Fields marked with * are required.

Your desired start date will help us prioritize requests but is not guaranteed. Adding data sets may take several weeks, depending on their size, disk space availability, and other factors.
The date you indicate here should be within one year of your desired start date. Scheduled deletion dates will be announced in advance and extension requests will be considered.
Check the "Data sets available" page to confirm that what you are requesting is not already available. Some commonly requested data sets, such as NCAR-CCSM4, are already there and so do not appear on the list. You can select more than one model. Windows users, for example, can hold down the Ctrl key while making multiple selections.
List the variables you need in the space provided, or select the a realm and the related variables using the lists below.