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The CMIP Analysis Platform gives researchers convenient access to climate data from the Coupled Model Intercomparison Project (CMIP) on CISL’s GLADE disk storage resource.

By hosting the data on GLADE, the platform enables researchers to use the CISL data analysis and visualization resources to work with CMIP data rather than transfer large data sets from Earth System Grid Federation (ESGF) sites to their local machines.

Available data sets

University researchers and NCAR staff can work with the CMIP data sets that are on GLADE if they have HPC user accounts and current, allocated projects for using the Casper system.


Some CMIP6 data are available on GLADE or available to request from other modeling centers.

Check here to see what is on GLADE:

If what you need is not on GLADE, see what is available at the other centers by checking the ESGF CMIP6 search interface, then request a transfer of data to GLADE using the form on this page.


See CMIP5 data sets on GLADE.

Adding data sets

How to ask for the addition of a data set to the CMIP Analysis Platform space is different for university researchers and NCAR staff.

University researchers

Obtain a CMIP Analysis Platform allocation for a current project as described here:

  • Use the small allocation request form to request access. In the Available Resources section of the form, specify CMIP Analysis Platform by entering the numeral 1 (Yes) in the space provided.
  • You will also be asked to specify a DAV system allocation; we suggest entering 5,000 core-hours unless you have reason to expect you will need more.

After obtaining the allocation, use the appropriate form to request the data set if it is not already on GLADE:

NCAR staff

NCAR staff should:

Data analysis and visualization resources

For information about the analysis and visualization resources, see:

Users can ask to have other software installed by contacting the NCAR Research Computing help desk.

Terms of use and acknowledging support

Users of the CMIP Analysis Platform agree to make the results of their research available through open publication. Analyses performed on the CMIP Analysis Platform should also be contributed to CISL’s annual publications survey.

Users also are required to acknowledge NCAR and CISL support, which they can do by including this statement in journal publications and other scientific documents:

We also would like to acknowledge the data access and computing support provided by the NCAR CMIP Analysis Platform (doi:10.5065/D60R9MSP).

Following are links to additional terms of use for CMIP data defined by the Program for Climate Model Diagnosis & Intercomparison.


Register journal articles and other scientific documents based on CMIP6 results here: CMIP6 Publication Hub.

Also see: CMIP6 Guidance for Data Users.


Register journal articles and other scientific documents based on CMIP5 results here: CMIP Publications.

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