GPU computing workshops

To help the NCAR and university communities prepare to use the extensive GPU-computing capabilities of the new Derecho system, CISL is launching a series of workshops and tutorials on Thursday, February 3, 2022 at 10 a.m. Mountain time for scientists, software engineers, and students in the Earth system sciences.

Storm clouds, image from Pixabay

The GPU series is for scientists, software engineers, and students in Earth system science.

The series of one-hour sessions will be held every two weeks through September 2022 using the Zoom meeting platform. They are intended for both new and more experienced GPU programmers and require familiarity with the UNIX shell; Fortran, C/C++, and/or Python; and typical program compilation workflows.

Topics for individual sessions are listed below, with links to pages that provide more detail about topics to be covered and about registration. Sessions will include dedicated Q&A time and some will involve interactive coding with participants. Participants are not required to attend all sessions.

By registering and attending, you agree to abide by the UCAR Code of Conduct.

Feb 3 Introduction to Parallel Programming
Feb 17 Why Use GPU Accelerators? 
Mar 3 Introduction to GPU and Accelerator Architectures 
Mar 17 Software Infrastructure and Make Systems
Mar 31 Directive Based Programming with OpenACC (1 of 2) 
Apr 14 Directive Based Programming with OpenACC (2 of 2)
Apr 28 Hands-On Session Using OpenACC in MPAS-A
May 19 Verifying Code Correctness with PCAST
Jun 2 IDEs, Debugging, and Optimization Tools
Jun 16 Hands-On Session with Nsight Systems and Compute
Jun 30 Multi-GPU Programming, Part 1
Jul 14 Multi-GPU Programming, Part 2
Jul 28 CuPy and NumPy/SciPy via Legate/cuNumerics
Aug 11 Multiple GPUs in Python with Dask
Aug 25 Optimizing AI/ML workflows in Python for GPU
Sep 8 Co-Design Process Training for Scientists and Project Leads