GPU Series: GPU Python with CuPy and Legate

Jul. 28, 2022

10:00 – 11:00 am MDT


The next session in a series of workshops and tutorials on GPU computing – “GPU Python with CuPy and Legate” – will be on Thursday, July 28, at 10 a.m. MDT. The series of one-hour sessions is for scientists, software engineers, and students in the Earth system sciences to help them prepare to use the extensive GPU-computing capabilities of the new Derecho system. The training is intended for both new and more experienced GPU programmers and requires familiarity with the UNIX shell; Fortran, C/C++, and/or Python; and typical program compilation workflows.

Topics to be covered in this session include:

  • Using CuPy functions in place of NumPy and SciPy
  • Writing custom compiled CUDA kernels with CuPy
  • Drop-in replacement of NumPy with cuNumeric - Legate
  • Running a CFD Python code with cuNumeric
  • Using Pandas/Xarray for large data sets

As with other sessions in the series, this one will include dedicated Q&A time and some will involve interactive coding with participants. This session will involve some interactive participation so make sure you are able to access the Casper compute system prior to the event. Recent registrants will be provided log in details prior to the session.

Please use this form to register if you plan to attend and have not already registered for the series. You only need to register once, and can then use the same credentials to attend subsequent sessions on the Zoom meeting platform. By registering and attending, you agree to abide by the UCAR Code of Conduct. These training sessions will be recorded and published publicly for future reference.



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