CRI Cray J90se - Chipeta

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Chipeta supercomputer

Cray Research, Inc.

In use: March 1, 1998 - September 3, 2002

Production use

Peak teraflops: 0.00

Processors: 24

Clock speed: 0.10GHz

Memory (terabytes): 0.00TB

Electrical power consumption: 7.50 kW

Paired with: CRI Cray J90se

This Cray J90se was named for Chipeta, who was the wife of Chief Ouray and known as “Queen of the Utes.” It became available on March 24, 1998, supplementing its Paiute and Ouray predecessors and increasing NCAR's computational capacity for the general user community by 50%. The machine was virtually identical to Ouray. It had the same file system layout and system software, plus 24 processors, 1,024 megabytes of memory, and a sustained performance of 1.5 gigaflops.

Like Ouray, Chipeta was good for large-memory jobs, and it was popular with users from the beginning. During the first week it was available to the community, it was filled to 99% capacity, perhaps partly because usage was free.

Chipeta was decommissioned on September 3, 2002. As technological trends continued to favor symmetric multiprocessor cluster systems built from relatively inexpensive commodity CPUs, the era of the high-performance vector-processor systems appeared to be ending.

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