SIParCS 2018- Noah Kischuk

Noah Kischuk

Noah Kischuk, SUNY at Cobleskill NY

Cybersecurity CIS Rollout

Recorded Talk

An Information Technology Asset Management System (ITAM) is a comprehensive list of all owned assets. It’s the foundation for all cybersecurity operations. In order to protect the underlying assets in a network, one must know what those assets are. The goal of the project is to track the inventory of all physical devices on the UCAR network; however, an inventory of digital assets is planned for the future. An effective ITAM enhances visibility for the security team resulting in a complete picture of what, where, and how assets are being used. This will act as a basis for different areas of cybersecurity, such as access control, penetration testing, incident response, cryptography, risk assessment, digital forensics, and physical security. It will be much easier to manage the network with more information pertaining to the collection of the devices. Developed via Python, it is designed to be run at least once a day to verify that each record is up to date.

Mentor: Susan Ramsey