SIParCS technical projects 2023

The following 14 projects are being pursued by 2023 SIParCS interns. Selected from more than 150 applicants and representing 14 colleges and universities, the 16 SIParCS participants began their 11-week internships on May 22 and will conclude August 4 with their project presentations. This year, all the interns chose to pursue their projects in person in Boulder. Unless otherwise noted, all mentors are from CISL.

Group photo of SIParCS interns for 2023

(Back row, L-R) Ameya Patil, Julius Owusu Afriyie, Yuta Norden, Hayden Outlaw, Si Chen, Dhamma Kimpara, Reuben Alter, Ian Franda, Kenton Wu. 

Project 1. Applying search techniques for scientific data discovery and exploration

Intern: Emily Mc Nett (University of Wisconsin, Stout)

Project 2. Python data analysis and visualization for unstructured grids data

Intern: Ian Franda (University of Wisconsin, Madison)

Project 3. Investigating holographic images of clouds with machine learning

Intern: Hayden Outlaw (Tulane University)

Project 4. Improving the accessibility of Open IoTwx for enhanced community engagement

Intern: Reuben Alter (Colorado College)

Project 5. An interactive website to support the co-design process

Intern: Anupriya Dixit (Berea College)

Project 6. Using machine learning uncertainty estimates to aid scientific analysis

Interns: Belen Saavedra (Berea College), Dhamma Kimpara (University of Colorado, Boulder)

Project 7. Reproducible and scalable analysis of remote sensing data in the cloud using Xarray

Intern: Yuta Norden (University of Hawai'i, Mãnoa)

Project 8. Optimization of an ocean biogeochemistry model

Intern: Robin Armstrong (Cornell University)

Project 9. Just-in-time compilation of a chemistry solver for GPU

Intern: Qina Tan (Colorado School of Mines)

Project 10. Interactive visualizations of climate data

Intern: Pritam Das (University of Washington)

Project 11. Interactive visualization of uncertainty in high-resolution ensembles

Intern: Ameya Patil (University of Washington)

Project 12. Creating bias-corrected global model output to support regional climate research

Intern: Kenton Wu (University of Texas at Austin)

Project 13. Continuous Integration for CPU and GPU applications

Intern: Haniye Kashgarani (University of Wyoming)

Project 14. Containerization of simulation applications for frequently re-run configurations

Intern: Si Chen (Emory University)

CISL Outreach, Diversity, and Education (CODE) Intern

Intern: Julius Owusu Afriyie (University of Nebraska - Lincoln)