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IBM SP "Babyblue" system


In use: June 18, 1999 - January 10, 2005

Experimental and production use

Peak teraflops: 0.10

Processors: 64

Clock speed: 0.38GHz

Memory (terabytes): 0.06TB

Electrical power consumption: 7.00 kW

The first IBM SP was delivered to NCAR on June 25, 1999. Babyblue was a single-frame system with 16 Winterhawk-I nodes (32 Power3 processors), 1 gigabyte of memory per node, and approximately 200 gigabytes of disk capacity.

The Scientific Computing Division used the system to familiarize system administrators, consultants, and other staff with the IBM SP and AIX environments. Babyblue was used to install and test software upgrades before they were put into production on Blackforest, NCAR’s large SP system that arrived soon after Babyblue. Babyblue was also available to any user who had access to Blackforest.

Babyblue was decommissioned on January 12, 2005.

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