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Cray J90 system

Cray Research, Inc.

In use: October 1, 1995 - June 30, 2000

Production use

Peak teraflops: 0.00

Processors: 20.00

Clock speed: 0.10GHz

Memory (terabytes): 0.00TB

Storage (terabytes): 0.05TB

Electrical power consumption: 7.00 kW

Paired with: CRI Cray J90

Aztec, a Cray J90 classic, was installed in the NCAR computing room in May 1995. The system initially had 16 processors (each giving a sustained performance of about 60 megaflops), 256 megawords (2 gigabytes) of memory, and 47 gigabytes of disk storage. It was later upgraded to 20 processors and 512 megawords of memory. Aztec had HIPPI connectivity to the Mass Storage System and a peak performance of 3.2 gigaflops under ideal conditions.

The system ran Cray's UNICOS operating system and supported the Fortran 77 and C compilers. The machine offered mathematical and statistical software and various vendor-supplied utilities. It was suitable for batch jobs that needed 10-128 megawords of memory, but not recommended for intensive interactive jobs because of insufficient job swapping capabilities.

Aztec was decommissioned on June 30, 2000.

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