iCAS 2022

International Computing in the Atmospheric Sciences Symposium

Sep. 11 to Sep. 15, 2022

8:00 am MDT

Stresa, Italy

View of Lake Maggiore near Stresa, Italy, with an iCAS 2022 logo superimposed

After a three year hiatus due to the pandemic, iCAS 2022 brought together attendees from across Europe and the U.S. to discuss how climate and weather computing centers are preparing today for tomorrow’s computational, data, and workforce challenges in Earth system science. 

Held September 11-25, 2022, in Stresa, Italy, the symposium took its first steps on the path to the new normal, although the overall attendance was still affected by pandemic-related travel restrictions. Those in attendance enjoyed the opportunity to reconnect with colleagues in person and participate in discussions on a wide range of topics.

Attendees heard how centers are dealing with key challenges to operations and planning — endemic COVID, hybrid workforces, and increasing data volumes; how sites are preparing climate and weather models for tomorrow’s exascale systems; how centers are working to mitigate the environmental impacts of the large-scale computing resources used to investigate climate change and severe weather; and how organizations are pursuing workforce challenges including their pursuit of equity, diversity, and inclusion in their workforce and the researcher community.

Presenter information and their slides are now available from the Agenda, Presentations and Resources page (see menu at right).

We look forward to seeing you again at iCAS 2024!

- Jeff de La Beaujardière, David Hart & Thomas Hauser


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