Geoscience Digital Data Resource and Repository Service (GeoDaRRS) Workshop

Aug. 7 to Aug. 9, 2018

1:00 – 12:15 pm MDT

NCAR Center Green Campus, CG1-1210-South-Auditorium, 3080 Center Green Drive, Boulder, CO 80301 The GeoDaRRS workshop will be hosted at the NCAR Center Green Campus, CG1 building, in the South Auditorium. This is the auditorium closest to the main entrance on your left as you enter. The CG1 main entrance is located on the south side of the building, exit doors are on the north side, and only UCAR staff can enter there. Parking is available on the west and north sides of the building, and there is underground parking available as you first approach the building, driveway is at traffic circle to the right (headed east). Parking is on a first come, first served basis. Registration begins at 1:00 PM on Aug 7, in the CG1 lobby. There is a separate event (AMS Summer Community Meeting) being hosted in the other portion of the auditorium, so the facility will be very busy during the week. The cafeteria is located between the South Auditorium bay and the main entrance. Gender specific restrooms are located on the first floor to the right of north-side exit doors. All-gender/gender neutral, single-stall restrooms are located on the third floor of the conference venue, next to conference room CG-3150. Lactation rooms are available for use of workshop participants, and are located on the second floor, in CG-2615. If you require the use of a refrigerator, please contact Cecilia Banner, Elizabeth Faircloth, or the registration desk. UCAR assumes no responsibility for items left in refrigerators. The conference venue is fully accessible to wheelchairs, including restrooms, but feel free to contact Cecilia Banner should you have a special need and would like to double-check.


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High-level policies and plans promote a strong culture of data sharing within the geosciences. Many disciplinary data facilities exist around the community to provide a high level of technical support and expertise for archiving data of particular kinds, or for particular projects. Within the geosciences, some research projects are well supported by these existing data management and archiving facilities. However many projects do not have the same level of facility support due to a combination of several factors, such as their smaller scale, funding limitations, topic scope that does not have a clear facility match, or uninformed data management practices. These projects typically manage data on an ad hoc basis without having long-term management and preservation procedures, beyond creating back-up copies of data.

This workshop will focus on establishing geoscience community expectations and requirements for digital data management support.  Workshop attendees will be asked to explore if new services are needed to complement existing NSF-funded data facilities by providing: 1) data management planning support resources for the general community, and 2) repository services for researchers who have data that do not fit in any existing repository.  Functionally, new services such as a "Geoscience Digital Data Resource and Repository Service" (GeoDaRRS), would support NSF-funded researchers in meeting data archiving requirements set by the NSF and publishers for geosciences, thereby ensuring the availability of digital data for use and reuse in scientific research going forward.

Please find the list of workshop steering committee members here.

GeoDaRRS Workshop Participants

If you have general questions regarding the workshop, please contact Doug Schuster (

Please use #geodarrs on social media.

Code of Conduct

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This workshop is funded by NSF, with additional support from Globus Computation Institute, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, and DDN Storage.  


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Participants List



Agarwal, Deborah (Deb)

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Biondi, Franco

DendroLab, University of Nevada, Reno

Blois, Jessica

Neotoma DB and University of California Merced

Bowman, Kenneth

Texas A&M University

Callaghan, Sarah

Centre for Environmental Data Analysis

Condon, Laura

University of Arizona

Cram, Tom


Cully, Linda


Davis, Ethan

UCAR Unidata

DLB, Jeff


Downs, Robert R

CIESIN, Columbia University

Frazer, Ryan


Friedman, Michael

American Meteorological Society

Hamman, Joe

National Center for Atmospheric Research, University of WA

Harris, Fred

University of Nevada Reno

Hart, Dave


Hou, Sophie


Hsu, Leslie

US Geological Survey

Ivey, Cesunica (Sunni)

University of California Riverside

Jarboe, Nick

Scripps Institution of Oceanography

Kamrath, Anke


Koskela, Rebecca

DataONE, University of New Mexico

Langseth, Madison

US Geological Survey

Lehnert, Kerstin

Columbia University LDEO / IEDA

Maltzahn, Carlos

University of California Santa Cruz

Maxwell, Reed

Colorado School of Mines

Mayernik, Matt

National Center for Atmospheric Research

McGinnis, Seth


McHenry, Kenton

NCSA, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

Meier, Ouida

University of Hawaii

Merati, Nazila

NOAA / NMFS / Office of Science & Technology

Miller, Matthew

North Carolina State University

Mishra, Subhashree (Shree)

National Science Foundation

Mullendore, Gretchen

University of North Dakota

Murphy, Fiona

Murphy Mitchell Consulting Ltd

Nawrocki, Greg

University of Chicago - Globus

Newman, Sawyer

Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

Nguyen, Tran

University of California Davis

Nienhouse, Eric


Paul, Kevin


Pavloski, Chuck

Penn State University, Institute for CyberScience

Ramamurthy, Mohan

UCAR Unidata

Robinson, Niall

Met Office Informatics lab

Ruth, Sarah

National Science Foundation

Schumacher, Russ

Colorado State University

Schuster, Doug


Shah, Mena

California Air Resources Board

Stall, Shelley

American Geophysical Union

Stossmeister, Greg

NCAR Earth Observing Laboratory

Stott, Don


Strand, Gary


Sturm, P. Obin

University of California Davis

Tarboton, David

Utah State University

Tominaga, Masako

NDS Facility, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

Turner, Julian

Colorado State University

Tyle, Kevin

University at Albany, SUNY

VanDecar, John


Wang, Jianwu

University of Maryland, Baltimore County

Wilson, Anne

Laboratory for Atmospheric & Space Physics, University of Colorado

Worley, Steve


Zhang, Fuqing

Pennsylvania State University