ESPPRE Workshop

Agenda Track

All of the times listed are in Mountain Daylight Time. 


September 20, 2022

ESPPRE Introduction

Efficient and robust multiphysics modeling of subsurface flow in heterogeneous porous media

Rezgar Shakeri and Jed Brown - CU Boulder

Performance portability and productivity in ice-sheet modeling using MALI

Jerry Watkins - Sandia National Laboratories

Julia for HPC/ML: Case Study using miniWeather

Youngsung Kim and Dr. Hyun Kang - Oak Ridge National Laboratory


NVIDIA Earth-2 Digital Twin Initiative

Stan Posey - NVIDIA

Progress towards accelerating Unified Model on hybrid multi-core systems: Porting CASIM to GPU

Dr. Wei Zhang - Oak Ridge National Laboratory

HPC Portable Containers Modeling Environment

Dr. Tom Robinson - NOAA/OAR/GFDL



September 21, 2022

Performance Optimization for Transitioning NEPTUNE into U.S. Navy Forecasting Operations

John Michalakes - NCAR/NRL

A GPU-accelerated implementation of the semi-implicit barotropic solver for the MPAS-Ocean

Dr. Hyun-Gyu Kang - Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Heterogeneity and Community Models in the Exascale Era

Dr. Ilene Carpenter - HPE


EXCLAIM: Transitioning the ICON model to a performance-portable Python framework

Dr. Will Sawyer - Swiss National Supercomputing Centre

DSL Adoption into GEOS

Dr. Chris Kung - NAIC/NASA


Porting the WAVEWATCH III (v6.07) Wave Action Source Terms to GPU

Olawale Ikuyajolu - Los Alamos National Laboratory/Georgia Tech

Exploring Performance and Productivity with miniWeather

Dr. Matt Norman - Oak Ridge National Laboratory

Building broad community demand for exascale computing technology

Dr. John Dennis - NCAR


Lighting Talks/Networking (in-person only)