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Winterpark, an eight-processor SGI PowerChallenge XL computer with 1024 megabytes of shared memory and 72 gigabytes of disk space, was acquired jointly by NCAR's Scientific Computing Division (SCD) and Climate and Global Dynamics (CGD) Division.

Winterpark provides an environment conducive to performing large dataset analyses and model-output post-processing. As such, it has moderate computational capabilities, a reasonable (but not large) physical memory, large amounts of online disk space, and a high-speed connection to the NCAR Mass Storage System.

After winterpark was installed and made available to initial users, SCD and CGD agreed that accounts on the machine would be granted to a broadened set of users.

Since the IRIX operating system running on winterpark does not provide resource-management capabilities familiar to UNICOS users (for example, user-specific limits on interactive and batch process CPU time and memory usage), SCD cannot establish system-administrator imposed restrictions on the use of winterpark and its resources.

Won't you be my neighbor?

Because of this, SCD and CGD agreed that a "good neighbor" policy would be established for using winterpark; that is, users would be trusted to be good neighbors with the other users of the system. SCD and CGD agreed that to be a "good neighbor," all winterpark users should restrict their activities as follows:

  • Since winterpark has a limited amount of physical memory (1 gigabyte), all users should pay close attention to the amount of memory they use and try to keep it smaller than 384 megabytes for any given process or process group.

  • Routine interactive use of the system should be limited to data processing and analysis or short debug runs of models or nondata analysis applications.

  • The Network Queuing System (NQS) queues prem, reg, and econ should be used only for data analysis and processing; or, again, for short debug runs of models or nondata analysis applications.

  • Models and long runs of nondata analysis applications should only be performed by submitting jobs to NQS's standby queue (sb), or by the user manually reducing the model's interactive priority by prepending npri -h 254 to the command that executes the model. (See the npri(1) man page on winterpark for more information.)

E-mail courtesy

We in SCD request that winterpark users be "good neighbors" and abide by these basic policies.

We also ask that if you observe processes that don't appear to be holding to these policies, you send e-mail to the perceived "abuser" and courtesy copies to,, and

For more information on winterpark, see:


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