Sneak preview of UNICOS 10

New, improved, with bleach . . .


unicos 10
by Tom Parker








SCD plans to install a new version of UNICOS, version 10.0, on NCAR Cray computers by mid February '98. Most of the changes are "under the hood," but there are a few items (mostly good) that users might be interested in.

New features and options

  • Fortran rules for make and nmake changed:

    The Fortran rules for make and nmake have been changed to use F90 as the default.

  • sinclude added to make(1) command:

    The make(1) command includes the IRIX sinclude functionality in UNICOS 10.0. If the string sinclude appears at the beginning of a line in a makefile, followed by a blank space or a tab, then the rest of the line is assumed to be a filename and will be read by the current invocation after substituting for any macros.

  • Ability to disable core files:

    The limit command has been changed to allow you to disable the creation of core files. For example:

      /usr/bin/limit -d nocore -p 0 -v

  • New vi tagstack feature:

    A new tagstack feature has been added for vi that allows you to track backward through up to 20 tag jumps. This is useful when examining unfamiliar C code.

  • New option for target:

    A new -s option has been added to the target. This option prints only the machine subtype field. If you do not specify the -s option, target prints the subtype field with the CRAY prefix.

  • Error message for rm -f option:

    The -f argument to the rm command now displays an error message if a file or directory cannot be removed. This change complies to POSIX standards.

  • ls command indicates multilevel symbolic links with -le options:

    With the -le options, the ls command now indicates a multilevel symbolic link by using *> instead of -> to display the link's contents. For example, the result of

      ls -le /usr/mail
    would be:

      lrwxrwxrwx  0 1  root bin  13 Dec 22 1997 \
        /usr/mail *> /usr/mail.mld

Features removed

  • Support for CF77 Programming Environment ending:

    The CF77 Programming Environment (PE) is no longer available with UNICOS operating system releases. Support for the CF77 PE ended on 30 September 1996.

  • File manager, xfm not supported:
    The xfm(1) utility is a prototype that provides a visual tool, based on the X Window System, to perform file management for the UNICOS system.

  • Support removed for libwatch.a library:

    The libwatch.a library and the watchword(7) man page are no longer supported. They have been removed with the CDBX debugger and CF77 compiler.


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