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With helpful hints for choosing among various options . . .

Jeanne Adams
Jeanne Adams



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by Jeanne Adams

This article shows where Fortran compilers may be obtained and includes some helpful hints for choosing among various options. Compiler sources are listed alphabetically by vendor.

This material is derived mainly from an information file supplied by Michael Metcalf, who updates the information every few months or so.

Absoft sells its native version of Cray's CF90 for the Power Macintosh. It also offers, among others, Pro Fortran V6.0 for Windows, a complete workbench for PC users. A Linux/x86 version is also available. Send e-mail to or see

Updated information, November 2002: The compilers have upgraded to full F95 with extensions from most popular workstations. Platforms supported are Windows, MacOS9, MacOSX, AMD/Intel Linux and PowerPC/Linux. Source code and graphics are portable between platforms. Solutions are also available for SMP and cluster users.

Associated Compiler Experts (ACE) of Holland provides Fortran 90 (F90) and High-Performance Fortran (HPF) compilers for Parsytec PowerPC-based machines. Send e-mail to or see

Apogee's Fortran 90 compiler is highly optimized for SPARC architectures. Send e-mail to or see

Cray Research offers CF90, a fully-optimizing, native compiler for the CRAY J90, T90 and T3E systems. Cray also resells PGI's HPF compiler for these same systems. See and

Digital offers Digital Fortran, an optimizing compiler for Digital UNIX Alpha systems that includes both HPF and directed decomposition directives for SMPs. (Parallel execution of HPF programs requires an optional companion product, the Parallel Software Environment). Digital Fortran supporting HPF syntax and including most features in Fortran 95 is available for OpenVMS Alpha. Digital Visual Fortran, which includes Developer Studio from Microsoft, is available for Windows NT (Intel, Alpha) and Windows 95 (Intel); this is the Microsoft-recommended migration path for Fortran PowerStation users. Send e-mail to or see

Edinburgh Portable Compilers (EPC) offers optimizing native compilers for Windows NT, x86, Sun, RS/6000, SGI and MIPS. HPF is also available. Send e-mail to or or see In Japan, contact SofTek Systems, Inc. (see below).

Fujitsu is marketing a native Fortran 90 Workbench for Solaris 1.1 and 2.x and also an HPF compiler. Send e-mail to Unicomp ( or Fujitsu ( or see

Hewlett-Packard (HP) has collaborated with EPC to produce an optimizing compiler for HP-UX and SPP-UX platforms. See

IBM offers XLF90, an optimizing, native compiler for the RS/6000. HPF is also available. See

Imagine1, Inc. offers F, the subset language for UNIX, Windows, and Macintosh PowerPC; some versions are highly optimized. Imagine1 hopes F will be the true steppingstone to HPF and at the same time replace Basic, Pascal, and C for teaching purposes. The version for Linux/x86 is free. See and the list of book references at

Lahey offers a native Lahey Fortran 90 compiler for Windows and DOS that provides an integrated Windows development environment. The latest version is 4.5, with many new features. Lahey also offers Essential Lahey Fortran 90, a subset language (without old features such storage association) that is designed for teaching and is very cheap. In fact, the Essential Lahey Fortran 90 compiler can be downloaded free from the web site; it's the full compiler, but without the tools. Send e-mail to or see

Microway NDP offers Fortran 90 compilers for 386/486 and Pentium. Send e-mail to In Japan, contact SofTek Systems, Inc. (see below).

The Numerical Algorithms Group (NAG) provides a compiler for most UNIX platforms, VMS, and PCs (including Linux/x86). This was the first Fortran 90 compiler, in 1991. UNIX ports have now been updated to Fortran 95. An optimizing version produced in collaboration with ACE (see above) for Suns is available. The NAGWare Fortran 90 tools are a suite of F90 tools that, among other things, perform F77 to F90 conversion. Send e-mail to or, or see

NA Software supplies Fortran 90 Plus on PCs (including Windows 95 and Linux/x86), SPARC, and T800 transputers. A cheap student version is available. They also offer LOFT90, an F77 to F90 syntax convertor, as well as HPF. See

NEC has released FORTRAN90/SX, a native, optimizing Fortran 90 compiler with an automatic vectorization and parallelization capability, for its supercomputer SX series. Send e-mail to

Pacific-Sierra Research Corporation's (PSR) VAST/F90 compiler for UNIX, VMS, and Convex includes a vectorizer. PSR supplies VAST/77to90 to convert FORTRAN 77 programs into Fortran 90 syntax, as well as VAST/HPF. An F90/95/HPF compiler for Linux/x86 is free for personal use. Send e-mail to or see

The Portland Group, Inc. (PGI) has a Fortran 90/HPF compiler for SGI, IBM SP2, HP/Convex, and Sun Ultra, as well as a native F90/HPF compiler for Intel-based Linux/Solaris86/NT workstations and servers. The latter supports autoparallelization, native OpenMP parallelization, and HPF parallelization. Send e-mail to or see

Salford Software markets a Fortran 95 compiler for PCs, including Windows 95 and NT. A cheap student version is available. In Japan, contact SofTek Systems, Inc. (see below). Send e-mail to or see or

Silicon Graphics, Inc. (SGI) offers the MIPSpro Fortran 90 compiler, which now uses the Cray CF90 front end, for all SGI IRIX systems. The compiler can be configured with an optional Auto Parallelizing Option (APO) product to do automatic parallelization of Fortran 90 code. See

SofTech has a licence to sell its own versions of DEC's HPF/F90 compiler.

SofTek Systems, Inc. is a provider of a wide variety of HPF compilers, tools, and technical expertise. Send e-mail to or see Phone, 81-3-3412-6008; fax, 81-3-3412-7990.

Sun has a Fortran 90 compiler based on Cray's CF90, initially for Solaris 2. See or call 1-800-SUNSOFT. For Sun's HPF, based on Thinking Machine's "GlobalWorks," see Details of Sun's public-domain Fortran preprocessor are available at

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