rsvp logoCISL Research and Supercomputing Visitor Program (RSVP)

    The Computational and Information Systems Laboratory (CISL) at the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) regards collaboration with university faculty, practitioners in high-performance computing, new researchers and students as central to its mission to support the atmospheric and related sciences. The RSVP program supports these goals by providing financial support for visits ranging from a few days to several months. Financial support with RSVP is limited to travel and living expenses.

    Students should also consider CISL's SIParCS summer internship program as an alternative to the RSVP program.

    Some examples of RSVP visitors are:

    • A faculty member has a specific research project that will benefit from close interaction with a CISL staff member.
    • A staff member from another computational facility visits CISL colleagues to share expertise on specific aspects of provisioning HPC to a scientific community.
    • A graduate student visits a specific group or researcher in CISL to support part of his/her thesis research through the analysis of data sets or the development of computational algorithms.
    • A faculty advisor or mentor wants to visit CISL at the same time his/her student is involved in an NCAR research program, e.g. SIParCS.

    Visitor Guidelines

    RSVP collaborative visits are generally expected to last from 3 to 12 weeks, and must be sponsored by a CISL staff member and have a clear plan for productive interaction.

    CISL RSVP visitors are encouraged to engage and interact with the broader NCAR community by presenting seminars, lectures, tutorials as appropriate. (Although this broader scope is not a requirement, preference will be given to visits with the potential for establishing connections with other groups in UCAR as well as CISL.)

    RSVP visitors will generally be asked complete a short Summary of Visit form near the end of their stay.

    Visitor Application Process

    Once a CISL sponsor has been identified, prospective visitors should fill out the Visitor Support Application Form. The request for visitor support will be reviewed promptly and awards will be made as applications are received.

    For further program information, please contact rsvp@ucar.edu.