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Photo of the Week 2002

Cake at bluesky acceptance celebration 12.27.02 Bluesky passes acceptance testing        
SCD/NCAR/UCAR web personnel at Interlab 2002 12.09.02 Web workers are strong presence at InterLab 2002   12.03.02 SCD demonstrates high-performance achievements at SC 2002
Lynda Lester photographs bluesky installation 11.22.02 Smile! You're on SCD cam   Leonard Sitongia, Andrei Rodionov, Wade McDaniel 11.15.02 The power of the Web
Jeff Kuehn 11.08.02 From terabytes to insights   Snow scene at NCAR Mesa Lab 11.01.02 Let it snow!
Roy Jenne packs up documents 10.25.02 Box 'em up!   SCD staff working on bluesky installation 10.18.02 The bluesky report
Mary Haley receives VETS award 10.11.02 Mary Haley receives VETS award   10.04.02 Power up: Bluesky is online!
Empty area in NCAR Computer Room 09.26.02 Place computer on dotted line   Lana Soller and Steve Gombosi 09.13.02 Medical emergency responders
chipeta's final power-down 09.05.02 The end of SCD's vector processing era   Brian Bevirt and Dan Anderson 08.29.02 Blackforest professionals
Greg McArthur and supercomputing poster 08.22.02 Fast, and getting faster   Greg Woods 08.15.02 No spam!
SGI engineers install Origin 3800, chinook 07.29.02 SGI's chinook: Tuned up, turned on, and ready for use   Technicians raise a piece of plate glass 07.23.02 Move forward slowly with your hands up!
Jim Edwards 07.12.02 IBM questions? Jim can help   Marc Genty and Deep Blue 07.03.02 Deep Blue, up close and personal
MSS with thermometer on side 06.28.02 MSS hits half a petabyte!   Mark Love and John Merrill with the new MSCP 06.21.02 Mass Storage System gets a new control processor
06.13.02 Future's so bright, we've got to wear shades   NCAR Mesa Lab towers in the mist 05.30.02 Towers in the mist
Scot Colburn and the new Juniper router 05.17.02 Check out the gigabit router   NETS staff celebrate 05.09.02 SCD celebrates completion of MALT rewiring project
Sun Netra T1 web cluster 05.02.02 New cluster system takes over web service   Linux servers on duty 04.25.02 Linux servers on the job
Legs protruding from behind rack in Computer Room 04.19.02 Strange sights in the Computer Room   NETS team 04.11.02 Switching switches
Cecelia DeLuca 03.29.02 A framework for Earth system modeling   Flying saucer cloud over NCAR 03.21.02 Saucers from space
Gary New, firefighter 03.14.02 Fighting fires   Operations and Infrastructure Support Section 03.05.02 Special ops
Aaron Andersen points to AC duct 02.25.02 Cool stuff   Vizualization and Enabling Technologies Section 02.14.02 Veterans of vizualization
Database Services Group 02.05.02 The buzz on databases   Golden Retriever checks out SCD Library 01.29.02 Wow! AIX for dogs!
Technical Consulting Group 01.23.02 Who ya gonna call?   Dennis Joseph and Will Spangler 01.14.02 Surprise!
Jeff Cowan and Pam Gillman 01.07.02 Data RAIDers   SCD 2001 Special Recognition Award winners 01.02.02 On-the-job excellence