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NCAR's Mass Storage System

NCAR's Mass Storage System gets bigger, faster: SCD upgrades MSS data path from HiPPI to Fibre Channel to increase capacity and bandwidth. More

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Last update: January 30, 2006

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01.30.2006 NCAR’s Mass Storage System gets bigger, faster
Transition from HiPPI to Fibre Channel technology increases MSS capacity and bandwidth
01.13.2006 Nine SCD staff receive awards for exceptional achievement
SCD Special Recognition Awards presented at annual ceremony
12.30.2005 CISL staff recognized for outstanding performance
Education and outreach, NCAR Command Language cited as significant achievements
12.15.2005 IMAGe workshops examine new mathematical approaches to atmosphere and climate modeling
High interest in Theme-of-the-Year program leads to addition of fourth workshop
11.23.2005 CISL presentations from SC05 conference available online
CISL staff participate in SC05 technical program, assist with StorCloud initiative, track evolving technologies
11.09.2005 NCAR's Computational and Information Systems Laboratory to present applied research at SC05
CISL R&D activities are creating new high-performance computational capabilities for the geosciences
10.10.2005 IMAGe workshop looks at new mathematical strategies for modeling atmosphere, climate
Workshop theme chosen to promote multidisciplinary interactions
09.29.2005 CAS 2005 examines role of advanced technologies in atmospheric research
Presentations available on the web
09.28.2005 New NCAR supercomputer slices turnaround time in half
First challenge: To study the effects of tropical convection on hurricanes and other tropical weather systems
09.19.2005 SCD upgrade to NCAR Computer Room will enhance atmospheric research
Reliable electrical and cooling infrastructure essential to support today's hot supercomputers
09.19.2005 Behind the scenes: Chillers, pumps, and pipes
Keeping NCAR Computer Room cool is critical to support of atmospheric research
09.03.2005 Bluevista is here
New IBM system expected to double computational cycles provided by SCD to users
08.15.2005 New IBM supercomputer coming to NCAR August 26
‘Bluevista' will have a peak performance of 4.74 teraflops
08.03.2005 Vortices, eddies, and flows: IMAGe workshop focuses on geophysical turbulence
Scientists examine fundamental processes that play crucial role in the Earth system
08.03.2005 Plug-and-play modeling
Fourth ESMF Community Meeting showcases new climate simulations
06.30.2005 Fourth ESMF Community Meeting to be held at MIT July 20-22
NCAR's Scientific Computing Division will lead meeting, offer presentations
06.17.2005 SCD installs new communications network at Center Green
Reliable, high-speed network is essential to the effective use of NCAR/UCAR's scientific resources
06.07.2005 MSS growth creates a new era of conservation
SCD provides tools and services to help users manage their archived data
05.27.2005 CISL 2005 User Forum offers chance to share ideas, establish connections
Program includes presentations, tutorial, roundtable, posters, and reception
05.04.2005 Blue Gene/L is up and running
SCD researches ways to utilize new computer architecture for atmospheric scienc
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