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Andrei Rodionov, Markus Stobbs, Leonard Sitongia

Andrei Rodionov, Markus Stobbs, and Leonard Sitongia of SCD's Web Engineering Group (WEG) stand in front of the server cluster that powers the new UCAR/NCAR/UOP Web site, which went live on 26 May 2004. Markus, who co-chaired the far-reaching Web Outreach and ReDesign project with Catherine Shea of the NCAR Directorate, worked closely with Andrei and Leonard on technical aspects of the new site.

Photo: Lynda Lester, NCAR/SCD

SCD a key player in new UCAR/NCAR/UOP Web site

SCD played a major role in the launch of a new world-class Web site for UCAR, NCAR, and UOP that made its debut on 26 May 2004. Markus Stobbs, a Web designer in SCD's Visualization and Enabling Technologies Section and supervisor of SCD's Web Engineering Group, co-chaired the massive Web Outreach and ReDesign project. He worked closely with software engineer Leonard Sitongia and system administrator Andrei Rodionov, both of the Web Engineering Group, to develop the site's database-driven software architecture and hardware configuration.

Also participating from SCD were writer/editor Lynda Lester of the Digital Information Group, who worked on a committee to develop the site's content and information architecture, and Digital Information Group head Greg McArthur, who served on the advisory panel.

The site is hosted by SCD's Web Engineering Group and has been supported through all phases of its development by SCD director Al Kellie and Visualization and Enabling Technologies Section manager Don Middleton as part of NCAR's IT Cyberinfrastructure strategic initiative.

Markus and co-chair Catherine Shea of the NCAR Directorate coordinated an interdisciplinary team of 25 staffers from across the organization on tasks ranging from audience analysis, site strategy, design, outreach, and user testing to technical production.

The new Web site, which has met with overwhelmingly positive feedback, is visually appealing and easy to use, making it possible to access content with only a few clicks. It does an elegant job of portraying the expertise and credibility of NCAR as a national center.

The new site is on the Web at http://www.ucar.edu.

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