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Photo gallery: Vislab offers high-tech environment for visualization, electronic collaboration

Images show facility from early construction phase to present

Attendees at a class given in the Vislab

The SCD Vislab at NCAR's Mesa Laboratory is a high-tech, multipurpose room. Start the photo tour

by Lynda Lester

T he NCAR SCD Visualization Lab is a complex facility that combines visual supercomputers with a next-generation, electronic collaboration environment. Featuring two visual supercomputers, several midrange visual workstations, five high-resolution projectors, and a 24-by-9-foot projection screen, the lab gives researchers the capability to visualize massive data sets and numerical models. It is also a node on the AccessGrid, an ensemble of network and computing resources designed to foster geographically distributed scientific research.

The Vislab has been in nearly constant use since early 2002 by numerous researchers, working groups, and organizations. These photos show evolution of the facility from its early construction phase in fall 2000 to the present.

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