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SC2002 conference set for November 16-22 in Baltimore

Conference theme is "From Terabytes to Insights"

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The annual SC conference will be held in Baltimore, Maryland, from 16-22 November 2002. The theme is "Terabytes to Insights."

SC is the showcase for the latest in high-performance networks and computers, a forum in which representatives from industry and academia examine new trends in networking, data analysis and management, visualization, and computer modeling tools.

The conference highlights technology that is five to ten years from commercial adoption. Past conferences have featured experimental computing designs capable of trillions of calculations per second, real-time collaborations among groups on the show floor networked with sites around the world, and glimpses at breakthroughs in telemedicine, wireless computing, data mining, and visualization of scientific data. SCinet, the network set up each year on the SC show floor, is the fastest network anywhere in the world.

A look back

Through its 14-year history, SC has highlighted some of the most important innovations of the information age, including

  • The birth and growth of the World Wide Web
  • The development of massively parallel, distributed shared memory, and cluster supercomputers
  • The growth of distributed computing and collaboration using grids

The first SC conference (then called Supercomputing) convened in Orlando, FLA, in 1988, when peak performance was an "impressive" 3 gigaflops. Today as the conference prepares to meet in Baltimore, teraflops-level machines are becoming the norm, Linux commodity clusters are redefining high performance computing, innovators are unearthing insights from terabytes of data, and sophisticated scientific tools, applications, and display systems are available worldwide through grid technologies.

For more information

For information on this year's SC conference, see the web site:


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