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Photo gallery: What a weekend!

SCD staff makes big improvements in the NCAR Computer Room

Empty SCD hall

Light at the end of the hall: NCAR was closed, but the Computer Room was hopping with activity during the building maintenance shutdown on 6 April 2002. Click here to start the photo tour

by Lynda Lester

On a bright Saturday in April 2002, NCAR's Mesa Laboratory was closed. There was intermittent power, no water, and the halls were deserted -- but inside the Computer Room, SCD staff worked at high speed. They were taking advantage of the semiannual building maintenance shutdown to make numerous enhancements to the NCAR/UCAR computer and network infrastructure -- slowing down only when the pizza arrived for lunch. See also "SCD makes super upgrades in Supercomputer Room."

Construction materials in Computer RoomFan keeps computers coolWelder makes sparks flyWelder at workAaron Andersen and Gary New

Mark UrisScott Buzz HaysJohn Fox and Mark UrisEd ArnoldBob CampbellHerb Poppe

NETS team holds consultationDave Mitchell and Jim Van Dyke check the networkNETS engineers monitor connectionsFabian GuerreroRick MumfordComplicated network wiring

Buzz Hays and John FoxElectricians pulling wireChiller roomFacilities personnel turn off the waterArcs of light from flying sparks

Worker supplies a hammerWelder at workTap! Tap!Facilities worker takes a short restJohn Fox and Aaron AndersenStan McLaughlin

Wooden platformThe platform installedServer rackServer rack

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