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SCD News > SCD photo of the week: May 14, 2001

Wild Wild West performance Wild Wild ... SCD?
To the delight of attendees at UCAR's 2001 spring party, some of SCD's more rhythmically inclined staff members performed a recreation of Will Smith's Wild Wild West music video. The SCD High-Performance Troupe earned "Best Choreography" and "Best Costumes" awards.
Wild Wild West performance Tim Barnes, of NCAR's Education and Tour Program, recreated the Jim West role in the performance. Tim received a "Lifetime Achievement Award" for his ongoing contributions to the yearly lip sync competitions.
Wild Wild West castPhotos: Brian Bevirt/SCD

This almost-complete cast photo includes, from left to right, Bob Campbell, Lana Soller, Steve Hammond, Mary Haley, Aaron Andersen, Lynda Lester, Tamara Rittner, Tim Scheitlin, Ethan Alpert, Joan Fisher, Jeff Boote, and Scot Colburn. Not shown: David Mitchell and Tim Barnes.

For more photos, see "SCD hits the Wild, Wild West."

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