SCD FY97 Annual Scientific Report

Introduction to SCD's FY97 Annual Scientific Report

The NCAR Scientific Computing Division (SCD) provides computing resources and expertise to university scientists who are grantees of the Geoscience Directorate of NSF, NCAR scientists, and to special projects -- national and international -- that are relevant to atmospheric and related science. SCD works closely with its Advisory Panel, the NCAR Director's Committee, and NSF to establish priorities and plans. Our interactive schematic of the NCAR computing facility illustrates the various computing resources that are currently available. The figure below shows the October 1997 configuration.

NCAR computing resources diagram, October 1997

Major accomplishments during FY97 include:

Development of a strategic plan for SCD was initiated in the spring of 1997 at the request of the NCAR Director. In formulating the plan, our objectives were to set goals for each component of SCD's mission, e.g. high performance computing, data archiving and management, networking and data communications, research data, computing environment and support services, education, and technology transfer; to assess the environment -- including budget -- for achieving these goals within the next five years; and to develop strategies that would position SCD to achieve these goals in the anticipated environment. Development of the plan began with a SCD staff retreat, then it was reviewed with the SCD Advisory Panel, and finally it was critiqued by senior NCAR staff at the NCAR Director's retreat in June. SCD's FY98-2002 Strategic Plan is available from the SCD homepage (

Each year SCD formulates a development plan that overviews major developments for the next two years. The SCD Development Plan for FY97-98 is also available from the SCD homepage and progress in FY97 on these developments is reported in the following sections of this Annual Scientific Report:

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