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Conference outreach

CISL staff in TeraGrid booth

CISL Division Directors Rich Loft (left) and Tom Bettge (center) answer questions in the TeraGrid booth at SC06. CISL conducts outreach activities through two booths at the yearly Supercomputing conference, one booth at the yearly TeraGrid conference, and at other venues. By representing NCAR's science and technology efforts at gatherings of researchers every year, CISL shares its expertise and gains valuable new insights from the research community.


Since 1989, CISL has deployed a series of exhibit booths for a variety of scientific and technical conferences. In these booths, CISL staff demonstrates supercomputing capabilities, scientific visualization, and other NCAR research in science and technology. At the height of its conference outreach program, CISL staff provided demonstrations and presentations at several conferences each year, including Supercomputing, the American Meteorological Society, the American Geophyscial Union, and others.

In recent years, CISL has focused energy and resources on providing NCAR outreach at the annual Supercomputing and TeraGrid conferences and on local Vislab presentations and outreach activities. In FY2007 and in coming years, CISL will also provide TeraGrid external relations support at the Supercomputing and TeraGrid conferences.

CISL's conference outreach program supports NCAR's strategic priority of "Engaging a broader and more diverse community in the atmospheric and geosciences" and "Fostering public awareness and understanding of atmospheric and related sciences." Specifically, this work advances understanding of the underlying computational and software technologies that are used in geoscience research today. Further, these outreach efforts are "Supporting and enhancing formal science education at all levels" by educating conference attendees from around the world about supercomputing resources and cyberinfrastructure services that enable the geoscience community conduct research.

CISL hosts and provides planning and logistics support for conferences and workshops including:


These efforts are undertaken using NSF Core funds.