Preserving digital assets across the Grid

There is a critical and growing need to organize, preserve, and make accessible the increasing number of digital holdings that represent vital intellectual assets, many of which are precious and irreplaceable.

NCAR/CISL has begun a collaboration with San Diego Supercomputing Center (SDSC), the University of Maryland (UMd), and the University of California Library System to establish a new effort aimed at studying viable models and effective systems that facilitate establishing standard reference datasets, preserving collections that evolve over time, and establishing preservation resources "of last resort" for digital assets that might become lost.

In the upcoming years, NCAR will work with these partners and a number of potential funding sources on the Chronopolis Project — Federated Digital Preservation Over Space and Time, which will focus on the objectives described above, along with other less formal efforts aimed at establishing more modest preservation steps that involve geographic replication of important datasets. Our activities in this area will include initial geographic replication, establishment of the Chronopolis Consortium, pursuit of a funded Chronopolis effort, and strong advocacy and outreach in this area that is critically important for science, engineering, and many other areas of endeavor.

Conceptual diagram of a digital library facility


FY2005 Annual Report