Enterprise Services Section

ESS is committed to delivering secure, reliable, high-quality, customer-focused services and infrastructure around the clock 365 days per year.

ESS achieves this mission by integrating the staff, commercial and internally developed products to provision enterprise class services. This innovative focus helps to ensure that the organization continues to enjoy a solid technological infrastructure, reliable critical services and associated support systems that meet the needs of today and tomorrow.

Service Areas

  • Modifying, maintaining and planning for the infrastructure needs in support of the production computing environment in CISL.

  • Monitors and proactively maintains the network and system security for the organization.

  • Develops, integrates and deploys advanced primarily web based technologies.

  • Provides and continually refreshes key enterprise services such as backups, e-mail delivery, file service, high availability web service, domain name service and other services integral to the organizations smooth operation.

  • Deploys and manages the desktop environment for the division and NCAR directorate.

  • Manages the software licenses, maintenance and support contracts for the division.

  • Provides first point of contact, IT information clearing house, network operations and computer monitoring around the clock 365 days per year.