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Last update: 01/24/2006

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Numerical code

As a starting point, we identified a serial shallow-water Fortran code written by Paul Swarztrauber of NCAR. His code was based on a paper by Robert Sadourny [1].

Arakawa C staggered grid.

The code is a second-order finite-difference code that is calculated on a staggered grid [2]. The code prognosticates wind velocities U and V, and potential pressure P, and diagnoses potential voticity, free surface height, and the U, V components of momentum. It will be gradually modified to demonstrate how to modernize the code and allow it to be run on parallel architecture machines.

[1] R. Sadourny, The Dynamics of Finite-Difference Models of the Shallow-Water Equations, 1975. Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences, v. 32, p. 680-689.


[2] A. DeCaria, Millersville University, ESCI 445 - Numerical Modeling of the Atmospherie and Oceans, Lesson 9 - Staggered Grids. 2006.


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