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Last update: 10/22/2006

Plot showing contours of initial potential pressure in model. Variation on Example 4 in Examples section.

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About this tutorial

Scientific model - The Shallow Water Equations

Numerical code


    Example 1 - shallow.f - Basic serial code.

    Example 2 - shallow2.f - Code modernized to Fortran 90 standard. Serial.

    Example 3 - shallow3.f - Code with portable timing instrumentation added. Serial.

    Example 4 - shallow4.f - Code with netCDF I/O added to facilitate data portability and later visualization. Serial.

    Example 5 - shallow5.f - Code parallelized using OpenMP threading library. Shared memory parallelization.

    Example 6 - shallow6.F - Code further parallelized using MPI message passing library. Hybrid (shared memory/distributed memory) parallelization.

    Example 7 - shallow7.F - Advanced hybrid example

Speedup data from threading

Speedup data from hybrid MPI-OpenMP

Speedup data from hybrid MPI-OpenMP, multiple tasks

Visualizing results

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