Scientific Computing Division Seminars

Fiscal Year 2000

Below are listed the seminars hosted or sponsored by the Scientific Computing Division (SCD) at the

National Center for Atmospheric Research.


Upcoming Seminars



Past Presentations

October 5, 2000

NCAR Mass Storage for a New Millennium

By Erich Thanhardt

High Performance Systems Section

National Center for Atmospheric Research


August 10, 2000

Object-Oriented and Component Technology for Scientific Computing

By Scott Kohn

Center for Applied Scientific Computing
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory


July 31,2000

Speaking on Overture: Object-Oriented Tools for Solving CFD and Combustion Problems in Complex Moving Geometry

By Bill Henshaw

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory


July 24,2000

Recent Developments with the CSIRO Conformal-Cubic Model

By John McGregor

CSIRO Atmospheric Research

Melbourne, Australia

Hosted by the Scientific Computer Division and the Climate and Global Dynamics Division


July 17, 2000

A C++ Class Library for Implementing Portable Scientific Applications on Distributed Memory Parallel Architectures

By Dan Shalit

University of California at San Diego


June 5, 2000

PETSc Overview: Design and Implementation Strategy for Extensibility, Portability, and Performance

by Satish Balay & Dinesh Kaushik

Mathematics and Computer Science Division

Argonne National Laboratory


May 30, 2000

A Faster Spectral Method

by Bill Spotz

Scientific Computing Division

National Center for Atmospheric Research


March 20, 2000

Good Practices in Scientific Programming

by Paul F. Dubois

Program for Climate Model Diagnosis and Intercomparison

Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory


January 26,2000

SMS: A High-Level Directive Based Alternative To MPI

By Tom Henderson, Mark Govett, Leslie Hart, and Dan Schaffer

NOAA Forecast Systems Laboratory


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