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SGI Origin 2000 (ute): 1998–2002

Ute, the SGI Origin 2000

In December 1997, after a lengthy evaluation of domestic supercomputer technology by SCD and select representatives from other divisions, NCAR decided to invest the FY1998 Climate Simulation Laboratory (CSL) computational budget in a Silicon Graphics Cray Origin2000.

The system, named ute, was delivered on May 18, 1998, and made available to six CSL projects on 24 June.

Ute had 128 super-scalar processors, each processor with a theoretical peak performance of 500 megaflops. Thus the system has a theoretical peak performance of 64 gigaflops. Users typically achieved between 5-10% of this peak performance.

Ute had 16 gigabytes of distributed global shared memory, 455 gigabytes of disk space, and HIPPI connectivity to the Mass Storage System. It ran the IRIX operating system and supported Fortran 90, Fortran 77, C, and C++ compilers. Ute was especially suited for long-running, highly parallel jobs.

By the end of FY1998, system utilization on ute exceeded 80%. This high level of utilization was exceptional and unexpected for a distributed shared-memory architecture.

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Ute was decommissioned on July 15, 2002.